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How To Do A Gallbladder Cleanse

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When your liver excretes waste it is sent to the gallbladder. This is where the bile is stored. The gallbladder also has another important function of helping in digesting food.

Eating a lot of junk foods which are fried, oily, and fatty can hurt the body. That is because the oils and fats stay in the liver and gallbladder. When enough time has passed, these oils and fats become gallstones.

Overtime, more gallstones get lodged in the gallbladder and in your liver which causes bile and bacteria to back up into your system. This causes illness and other negative side effects on your body. To clear up this problem people usually go to surgery.

Using surgery to clear out gallbladder stones can be a painful and expensive procedure. Many people have turned to cheaper and alternative ways to deal with gallbladder stones.

One of these alternative ways is to do a gallbladder cleanse. A gallbladder cleanse can be done at home and you do not need expensive medicine or devices to do it.

If you want to try the gallbladder cleanse you should talk to you doctor first to get the OK from him. Otherwise you may end up having complications while doing the gallbladder cleanse.

The ingredients that you will need to pull off the gallbladder cleanse can be found at any supermarket. You will need to pick up olive oil, Epsom salt, lemons, and apple juice.

During the first six days of the gallbladder cleanse, you have to drink a several cups of apple juice everyday. This loosens up the gallstones so that they can pass through your system easier.

On the seventh day right before bedtime, mix a third of lemon juice with two-thirds of olive oil in a cup. Drink the entire concoction and go to bed.

On the 7th day in the morning after you wake up, mix the Epsom salt and warm water together and drink. This is a laxative which will cause you to excrete your gallstones.

If you have the time, you may want to do the gallbladder cleanse several times a year. This helps in keeping your body toxin free and unclogged.

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